I am a board-certified, Integrative Medicine pediatric physician. A member of the Integrative Medicine section of the American Board of Pediatrics, I also practice acupuncture, Reiki and have special interest in nutrition, mental and behavioral health. I strongly believe in and practice with a holistic approach to primary care.

A native Arizonan, I grew up in Phoenix and attended Xavier College Preparatory. My post-secondary career began at Arizona State University (Go Devils!), where I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology. Through college and a year after, I was a teacher. I taught high school chemistry and 8th grade math.

I left the sunshine and went on to earn doctorates in both Medicine and Pharmacology from Dartmouth College. My Ph.D. emphasis was on pharmacology, neuroscience and immune-based therapies. This work helped lay a strong foundation in my pursuit for a holistic approach to understanding medicine and safe, effective, complementary treatments for patients.

At Dartmouth, I continued to teach and mentor. I spent several years creating a mental health program for undergraduate students focused on early intervention for addiction; additionally, I developed and implemented a mindfulness curriculum for residents. I was trained in motivational interviewing by Columbia University and received the C. Everett Koop award in addiction studies.

My training continued with a pediatric residency at Boston Children’s Hospital. Always eager to learn and grow, I initially accepted a faculty position at Harvard Medical School. I taught while working full time in the Boston Children’s Hospital Emergency Department and Urgent Care while completing acupuncture training and Reiki certification. It was during this time, I also pursued Integrative Medicine curriculum and training.

During this time, I experienced first-hand the strong, positive effect of approaching each patient through their ailment and their nutrition, experiences, environment and goals. I strongly believe patient care as a partnership with families and the best care is provided with an approach encompassing the whole person.

I love baking and any activity that allows me to be outdoors in nature and sunshine. My blog contains a lot of the information I discuss with families along with some of the most common questions I receive. You will also find information on products, book reviews, etc. Feel free to contact us with any thoughts or ideas. You can also follow through my handle at AZKidsMD. Follow the link to Camelback Pediatrics if you would like to set-up an in person appointment. I look forward to embarking on the journey of helping you raise healthy, AmaZing Kids!